Grow Classes

Whether you are new to faith or new to our church, Grow is like a highway that connects you to the life of what’s going on here and it can be completed in 4 weeks. You don’t have to go 4 weeks in a row, so if you miss one, you can hop on the next cycle the following month.

Grow classes take place during our 11AM service in Southside Classroom #1


Step 1 – Follow 
This happens on the first Sunday of every month. You will have a chance to hear more about the vision, mission and values of our church. You’ll come away from this time with a clear picture of what we stand for at Destiny Church.

Step 2 – Connect 

Week 2 of Grow will touch on important aspects of what it looks like to mature as a follower of Jesus.


Step 3 – Discover 

For the 3rd week of our class, you will take some time for reflection on how God put you together. How has God specifically gifted you to make an impact in the world? What areas do you need to grow in to become spiritually and emotionally mature? These are some of the topics we’ll discuss in this session.


Step 4 – Serve  

Now that you’ve completed the first 3 weeks of our Grow classes, you will be given a look at what it is to be a leader at our church. This is the Sunday we take a look at which specific teams you can be a part of.