Our Story

In 2005, Pastor Mike Goolsbay became our Senior Pastor.  Pastor Mike was able to walk our church through some turbulent times and now uses the Destiny story as an example of hope for other churches. Destiny Church went from once being written off as a hopeless situation to a healthy and growing congregation – God’s faithfulness has been evident!

We are a church that is committed to leaving a legacy for the next generation. Through the late 2000s, we completed various sections of our new facility including our commercial kitchen, atrium, current youth facility, south hallway classrooms, and current elementary kids’ facility.  In 2015, we launched into the final phase of completing our new auditorium.  We see this facility as a tool that God has entrusted us with to spread the good news and love of Jesus.

We believe that every seat represents a person and every person has a story and that story matters to God.  We will always go after the “one”.  What matters to us most is life change.  We believe that when a person receives Christ as Lord and Savior, life change is the result.  Our vision is loving people and our heart is to help them come to know God, find freedom, discover their purpose and make a difference.